Monday, December 27, 2010

Stolen idea

I think I've mentioned A Year of Slow Cooking before. I love her blog. Well, she's done it again.

This year I got 6 cabbages bigger than my head in the fall from gleaning at a local farm. I've still got a couple in cold storage (ok, cool storage, an unheated basement room) and I made something like 3 gallons of sauerkraut with 1 1/2 others. (I turned the difference into krautburgers, yuum!)

Then I had to ask - "What do I do with all this sauerkraut?" I have a limit for how much brautwurst I'm willing to feed my family. I gave half of it away in pint and quart sizes, and the rest is sitting in the extra fridge, waiting for inspiration.

And here is Stephanie O'Dea to the rescue! Pulled pork with sauerkraut looks fantastic, and it uses up all the carrots I have left from the gleaning too.

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