Friday, March 23, 2012

JaNeen's Kale Salad

Friends brought this kale salad to Christmas Eve dinner. It was a perfect winter salad; hearty, flavorful, and satisfying. I'm enjoying it just as much this spring.

Recently, I served this to some girlfriends and promised them the recipe, so here it is. :^)

Kale Salad

all measurements approximate, taste test as you go. I make up the dressing in advance and just put it on the kale when I want the salad. JaNeen puts on the olive oil first and then tosses things in to taste. It's all good.

Kale - a bunch, torn or cut into bite size pieces

olive oil ~2/3 cup
garlic minced - ~2-3 Tbs.
Bragg's Liquid Aminos - ~1 Tbs (this is salty, add with care)
lemon juice ~1/4 cup (you may like a little more or less)
nutritional yeast flakes or powder ~3 Tbs (I keep adding more each time I make the salad and I haven't hit the top yet)
toasted sesame seeds ~1/4 cup (I toast these each time I make them, since the fresh keep longer)

Notes and Modifications:

This salad keeps really, really well - like days and days - and it's just as good. That's kale for you. Lettuce just can't stand up like that. :-P